The Carnival Triumph - Fall Foliage

Sailing Date: September 21, 2002 through September 28, 2002
Itinerary: New York to Boston, Massachusetts, to Portland, Maine, to Sydney, Nova Scotia and on to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Maiden Voyage 1999 Passenger Capacity 2,758
Tonnage 102,353 tons Space Ratio/Passenger 37.11 ft/pass
Length 893 feet Normal Crew Size 1,150
Beam 116 feet Crew Nationality International
Draft 27 feet Nationality of Officers Italian
Speed 21 knots Nationality of Dining Staff International

     We flew to Newark-Liberty Airport Saturday, September 21st to board the Carnival cruiseship Triumph for the fall foliage itinerary to Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, Sydney, Nova Scotia and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately we did not see any seasonal colors but the trip was extremely nice. Since the tragedy of September 11th, Boston was a particular interest to us as Logan Airport was right at the harbour where our ship docked. One of the runways ran directly to the side of our ship which gave a tingle down the spine. Several military ships were in port and many coast guard boats were constantly patrolling the harbour with armed machine guns ready to fire. There were divers who checked the bottom of the ships in the harbor, as well.
      Portland, Maine was a very nice port with the distinction of being the 'walking' city, we were able to walk from our ship to the central shopping areas. Along the way were many restaurants on the wharf as well as touring excursions.
      After a day at sea we arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia which was a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere. Again we were able to walk to town but did not take any tours.
      On to Halifax, Nova Scotia which was the focal point of our trip. We found Halifax to be extremely clean and friendly, as well. A wharf (boardwalk) followed the waterfront for over a mile with shops, condo's, restaurants and docks with tour boats available. The weather was perfect with temperatures in the high 60's and a brisk wind blowing constantly.
      We had reservations for a category 8A or above and we were upgraded for the first time in more than 20 cruises with Carnival Cruise Lines. Our accommodation was the stateroom at the back of the ship in the corner that provides the passenger with a private balcony that wraps around the side of the ship from the back -- approximately 50 feet. The balcony was lovely and we made good use of it. We were on the Verandah Deck which is high up and made for wonderful picture-taking. The Ocean Players Club decorated the stateroom in celebration of Jack's birthday. We had a birthday cake waiting for us along with a fruit basket filled with goodies and a bottle of wine.
      Click on one of the thumbnails below and view some of the places we visited.

Halifax Boardwalk

Jack & Anne in Portland

Jack on stateroom balcony

Two-masts ship in Portland

Friends Dick & Meg

Boston Harbour

Boston Harbour

New York Skyline

Boston Harbour

Halifax Market

Sydney with Friends

Sydney from Back of Ship

Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Casino on Ship

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Wharf

Statue of Liberty

Halifax Boardwalk

Halifax Boardwalk

Halifax Boardwalk

Golden Princess (PCC)

The World Cruise Ship



Golden Princess

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