The Carnival Pride - Western Itinerary

Sailing Date: January 19, 2002 through January 25, 2002
Itinerary: Leaving Port Canaveral to Key West; Playa del Carmen, MX; Cozumel, MX; Belize City, Belize; Progreso (Merida), MX
Maiden Voyage 2001 Passenger Capacity (dbl) 2,124
Carnaval Pride
Tonnage 88,500 tons Space Ratio/Passenger 41.67 ft/pass
Length 963 feet Normal Crew Size 930
Speed 22 knots Crew Nationality International
Registration Country Panama Nationality of Officers Italian
     The Carnival cruise ship Pride is, indeed, a change from the Carnival ships we have boarded over the years. She was as elegant a ship as we have ever cruised. The staterooms were well appointed. We had a suite, Category 11, which had walk in closets and a beautiful his/her vanity. I felt it was overpriced and had we not received vouchers for the cancellation of our ship out of New York in September, we would not have reserved such accommodations. However, since we were not refunded the money but were given vouchers, instead, I decided to spend it all!!
     We have been told the Victory and the Triumph are lovely ships as well. We will be boarding the Triumph in September out of New York Harbor. We were to have boarded the Victory last September. The Pride's decor is definitely for adult comfort. I honestly hope children don't tear the ship up. Although Carnival has the Carnival Camp for children on all it's ships, I feel the atmosphere of this ship is not for children. . .
     A few pictures we took are below with captions. E-mail me if you have questions.     
The decor of the ship was elegant. You were almost enchanted with the mahogany and marble all around you. These marble stairs led up to the arcade of shops on both sides of a wide walkway.
The dining room was two-tierd. We were initially assigned the Captains dining room since we booked a Category 11 but we asked to be changed to the formal dining room and a table for two. They assigned us a table over the balcony.
The sports bar was lavish yet comfortable. There is a big section behind Jack that has tables and booths all with a view of several tv monitors. The ship provides passengers with all the sports channels in the sports bar.
One small section of the casino. We found the casino hosts to be very friendly and courteous. Carnival now has a 'club' called the Ocean Players Club. You actually play for points as in Reno or Vegas. These points can be used for upgrades or cash. Check with your casino hosts for details.
The artwork on the walls were three and four decks high surrounded by lights.
This lounge/bar is in the atrium area just across from the Purser's Office. It's very open and a central focus of the main deck.
     The three pictures above were taken off our balcony in the port of Cozumal. It is a very active port and becomes very crowded, as you can see. We counted 7 ships in port at one time. In the picture on the right you will see a Celebrity cruise ship and a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. In the picture on the left you will see a Carnival cruiseship and another Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
     Seven day cruises usually provide for two 'formal' dinner nights. The theory is that women like to dress up and this provides an opportunity for them to do so. From long gowns to casual dress is what you will find. Men will dress in tuxedo's down to sport coats. The fact is, this is YOUR vacation and the cruiselines want you to enjoy every minute of it. If 'formal' is not your cup of tea, then don't feel you need to comply in high fashion. If you really want to be casual, you will have the alternate dining options or room service available to you. Men are asked not to wear shorts in the diningroom in the evenings. Slacks are more than acceptable. Women, as well, are asked not to wear shorts but it is acceptable for women to wear the casual short with blazer outfits.
     We enjoyed this ship. Of course with it's home port currently at Port Canaveral which is a 45 minute drive from home, it makes it even more pleasurable not having to drive to Miami. Seldom do ships stay at one port for very long before moving on to another with another itinerary.
     How would we rate this ship? On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest easily it would be a 10. Because we cruised the inaugural western itinerary there were some slight wrinkles that needed to be ironed out but I'm certain by now that has been done. Just hard to believe this is a Carnival ship. Incredible!
     I am hopeful our experiences aboard these ships has been useful to you in your decision-making process. The ships are getting bigger and better. They are every bit like staying in a 5-star hotel with all it's amenities. It's like one-stop shopping, as far as I'm concerned. A no brainer! Once you board you leave your worries behind. Enjoy!
     If you have some questions you think I could answer, e-mail me. E-mail icon.

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