The Carnival Glory - Eastern Itinerary

Sailing Date: September 20, 2003 through September 27, 2003
Itinerary: Port Canaveral to Nassau, Bahamas; St. Thomas, USVI; St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
Maiden Voyage 2003 Speed 21 knots
Tonnage 110,000 tons Passenger Capacity (dbl) 2,974
Length 952 feet Space Ratio/Passenger 36.99 ft/pass
Beam 106 feet Normal Crew Size 1,150
     Maybe the older I get the more I worry -- or is it that I have more to worry about -- just don't know. The weekend before our tickets arrived in the mail, I got a call from our cruise agent. The agency we used was The Cruise Professionals, new to us, and we were a bit concerned as we had been using the same agent for 13 years and they sold their business . . . but, when Drew called he told me we were receiving a $240 per person discount for our fare. Well, I said, "are you sure?" And he said, "absolutely!"
      I told him I had quit looking for discounting for this particular cruise since we had booked a suite and rarely do the suites get discounted -- particularly when the ship is full. So, husband and I decided if all goes as planned we will definitely use this agent next time!

     Once the tickets arrive you pretty much feel like you are going to set sail on schedule. This ship has had excellent reviews and we are looking forward to boarding her.
Deck 5 - The Spectrum Deck 5 - The Spectrum Deck 5 - The Spectrum
     It's quite a ship! A bit glitzy -- but the colors keep you in an upbeat mood. Our stateroom was smaller than we anticipated. We had a Category 11 on the Carnival Pride which was lovely. This stateroom, although the exact floorplan, was much smaller. This created problems in the design -- I can't understand how $500,000,000 can't seem to buy a person who can design for comfort. The door to the bathroom from the dressing room doesn't even open all the way. It can't because the sliding closet doors get in the way. The sliding door from the entrance to the suite to the dressing room doesn't open all the way -- it can't! If it could, it would be sliding out into the hallway in the public corridors. Incredible how they could have overlooked these issues when designing the ship.
Category 11 - Suite decorated for a birthday! Decorations were compliments of the Carnival Ocean Player's Club.
Wonderful birthday cake and lovely fruit and wine basket provided by the Ocean Player's Club.
Corner on balcony side of suite. Door to balcony is on the right of the chair behind the curtain.
Facing the entrance door to the suite
from the corridor.
Bathroom double sinks and Jacuzzi tub.
     Let's get on to the actual life aboard the Carnival Glory. Lounges -- enough lounges to where you can't spend time in all of them within a one week cruise! Color is the key to the decor and the navigation. Each lounge has a different color. The Amber Lounge; the Blue Bar; the Platinum Dining Room; etc. Not that the colors help you find anything -- but the halls all have ship maps on the walls -- showing where you are when you are reading the map -- so it's easy enough to find out where you have to go to get to where you want to be. Entertainment in the lounges was very good. You had the piano bar, karaoke, easy listening, a trio in one lounge, a lounge where the entertainer took your request as well as actually talked with you and kidded around. There was a piano just to the side of the casino which they could have done without. The casino is so loud that it was a shame to waste the talent of a good young artists voice. There is a sitting area just on the starboard side of the casino, Promonade Deck, where the piano is located -- foot traffic is very heavy and the distractions continue. I just feel that it wasn't necessary to put a piano and singer there -- the young lady who was on our cruise had a lovely voice and we did get to enjoy her talent other times in other lounges.
     The food was great! Actually, to see the wait'persons navigate the dining room was an
inspiration to behold. Hopefully you will get a 'round' table which seats much more comfortably than the oblong tables which afford you absolutely no elbow room. In my opinion it's important to check out the square feet per person data available to you about each ship you consider sailing aboard. Indeed the more square feet per person the more comfortable you will be. Our dinner companions were fun as well. Very diverse yet all very compatible. This is such fun when cruising as these are the folks you will see time and time again in one part of the ship or another -- on tours or just shopping in the ports -- when you travel as a couple it's fun to recognize someone from the ship -- from your dining room -- just to smile at -- exchange pleasantries -- horror stories in the shops -- fun experiences on the excursions . . . and some of these relationships will last a lifetime.
St. Maarten St. Maarten St. Thomas
St. Maarten St. Maarten St. Thomas
     Ships go from port to port -- itineraries change -- people are people. To go into the itinerary wouldn't be worthwhile as you may be visiting this web page at a time when the itinerary has changed for the Carnival Glory and she may not even be at Port Canaveral any longer. For the Caribbean, however, we feel that November, December, January and February are the best months. It's plenty warm enough to enjoy the wonderful waters and yet cool enough to enjoy shopping and just hanging out in the ports.
Advertised as the largest casino at sea; however, it is extremely crowded and difficult to maneuver in during peak hours.
This is the Camel theme for the casino. It is lovely but watch where you walk - you could trip easily!
Although it appears to be spacious; don't let this picture deceive you. This casino is not 'handicapped' friendly.
     We had not been to St. Thomas since 1993. The port had grown -- we had little memory of it as it appeared this past September. We were able to find the jeweler we had bought from in 1993 -- yes, they were still there. We had been told the great deals were not available in St. Thomas any longer. Well, I'm here to tell you that in comparison to the cost of diamonds, precious stones and gold here in the states, the great deals ARE still in St. Thomas and St. Maarten -- incredible deals! Look carefully and compare. You can barter until the cows come home. Do NOT pay any price seen on the price tags of the jewelry. The markup is HUGE! In some cases you can talk them down to 25% of the asking price. But assuredly you can get your piece of jewelry for 50% or less than their asking price. St. Thomas is in the USVI so the store must be honest with you or they can be prosecuted for fraud. Keep that in mind and use your credit card. You can always dispute a charge when you get back to the states should the product you have purchased be fraudulent and not as represented to you. Always get a Certificate of Authenticity, as well. And you will find that the ship-recommended stores prices will be a bit higher than the non-recommended stores as 'ship-approved/recommended' stores have to give a kickback to the cruiseline to be on the 'approved' list.
     Sail away -- and ENJOY YOURSELVES!

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