Too many cruises? I don't think so!

     We Husband carrying suitcases.were just about cruised out. Never thought it would be possible; but it's true!

     Then, in September 2006, we flew to Las Vegas to attend an Adobe Photoshop World Conference. Although it was a great experience attending the conference and staying at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Hotel, Casino & Convention Center, we started talking about how convenient and relaxing cruising was. So, when we got home, I booked an extended weekend aboard the Carnival Sensation out of Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is a short 45-minute drive from our home and within an hour of closing the suitcases, we are boarding our ship.

     Sixty-five-plus cruises, and counting, since 1987, and most throughout the Caribbean. All the islands are beginning to run together and we think there is nothing new to see or do.... BUT....

     For a really great getaway experience that is much more within our budget than flying to Las Vegas (and up to 6-1/2 hours to get there), we are cruising again. Our agent got us a great deal for the 3-nights and off we went. So we are REALLY back to cruising - and we hardly care where the ships go!!! We'll be on board.

     Since 2010 we have booked the cruises ourselves through individual cruise lines. If you get a good cruise agent through the cruise line they will provide you with all the information pertaining to specials. Websites are extremely helpful, as well. There is a lot of information on the cruise sites and, if you have concerns or questions, just call their toll free numbers and ask your questions.








(updated 9/7/2014)

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